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> For the last two years, the Firefox Sync team has been hard at work improving bookmarks on all our platforms

If they only would improve the actual bookmark manager. It's been a thorn in my eyes for quite some time now.

- you can't find duplicates

- it takes 0.5-3sec/bookmark to delete bookmarks (on my devices at least)

- you can't cut found bookmarks out of a search (it copies it)

- the bookmark search sucks

And there are multiple other minor annoyances that bug me or features I would wish for (searchable offline bookmarks anyone? [I know that's going more in the direction search engine, but it sure as hell would be nice])

I'm kind of a horder when it comes to open tabs and bookmarks, so it is a pain in the butt to manage those. Last time I cleaned all my bookmarks I exported them and managed them with buku[0]. "Lost" my directory structure through this but it was worth it.

[0] https://github.com/jarun/Buku

You can't export/import "Folders" of bookmarks.

For me, amongst other things, there's no easy way to e.g. share a folder of useful bookmarklets.

Or, more generally, perhaps e.g. sharing a folder of bookmarks pertaining to a research project.


P.S. Two decades ago, Kaylon's Powermarks was -- and remains -- the best bookmark manager I ever ran across. Third party app that was cross-browser and integrated itself via interfaces that gradually got killed off.

Lightning fast, handling thousands of bookmarks, with pretty good automatic, override-able tagging that fed a very effective search facility producing immediate, progressive results as one continued to type their query string.

Pretty much, you could just bookmark something, then find it a week or a month or more later with a couple of seconds' thinking and typing. Even if you had a then somewhat vague notion or memory, you usually immediately found what you half-remembered.

An offline full text search for bookmarks would be really useful.

I wrote a small python shell script for searching Firefox bookmarks directly from the SQLite file. It is very primitive, but it works great. Feature requests and pull requests welcome.


What would be even more useful is if this would integrate with a web search engine somehow. E.g., search for a term, and it will first show matches in bookmarks, and then matches from the web. Also nice if this would integrate with the filesystem, e.g., it would show matches in documents/filenames on the local system.

That's already what the Awesome Bar does if it's configured to show search results (in Preferences > Search). You can also search only bookmarks with the * keyword.

Thx didn't know about the * keyword will use this from now on. (I disabled the search and justed used the open tabs, history and bookmark suggestion function from the awesomebar)

I think this is a Pocket premium feature, no idea what their plans are regarding bookmarks and Pocket.

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