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> Perl 5 was abandoned

It's all relative. Perl 5 is more active now than at any time in its history.

Python has expanded 20x in the last 20 years. So Python has in relative terms eaten Perl's proverbial lunch and overshadows Perl so much that it's easy to think Perl just died. But it's actually successfully scavenging and growing nicely in the shadows despite the 20 year long drumbeat of pronouncements of its death.

From my perspective it does look like extending Perl 5's core is painful but that hasn't stopped it growing to a half million lines of change a year (and many millions a year in the upper reaches of the CPAN river and tens of millions further downstream) and folk writing ever more powerful pan ecosystem tools as, eg, described in this report from a couple days ago:


(That all said, I'm personally more focused on Perl 6 which is a new ball game even while it's also an extension of the old one in the sense that it cohabits in the same ecosystem and culture.)

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