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samclemens 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

"“I’ve gotten a lot of flak for using a mono-spaced font (Courier New) in the study,” said Johnson."

The whole damn point of "use one space after periods" was "...because we're using proportional fonts now"

What an absolute waste of time of an article.

They couldn't have said that line at the top? Or would no one read it then?

ProTip: Don't read this article.

I was so annoyed at being tricked I'm posting this to warn off the next reader, and I flagged the story to really get rid of it.

Not just proportional fonts. We're using formats where white space isn't significant.

Using two spaces after a period makes sense if you are using a typewriter. It's nonsense if you don't even own a typewriter.

When you're trying to read quickly, a single space makes it harder to spot the end of a declarative sentence because periods are so small. FTA: With two spaces, "[t]he space also comes into the periphery of one’s vision before it arrives, and that helps to signal that the sentence is wrapping up. (For the same reason, I've sometimes used bullets • and pilcrows ¶ after periods to better separate sentences.)

The only argument I've ever seen for one space is that two spaces are supposedly ugly because they can cause rivers of white space to run down the page. IMO readability is more important.

Good. Two spaces forever.

Abbreviations have always been my sticking point.

eg: A list of this, that, etc. conflicts with the end of sentence.

Two spaces here is unambiguous. When I typed this on mobile, the parser did not understand "etc." was not end of sentence when it could have by looking for two spaces. Because of that, it shifted incorrectly into caps mode, producing "Was" instead of "was" as would be indicated for a word mid-sentence.

The result is a lot more input being required to complete the sentence properly.

fuck outta here with this bullshit.

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