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Gun looks pretty cool. I have not fully fixed the STUN/ICE problem. Some of the users on HN are still not able to see the articles. I think the problem reduced a bit after I started running a TURN server. But it's not full eliminated yet. Check out my tweet to Feross. Maybe he has some answers :) https://twitter.com/hackerkidx/status/996009992569274369

@vishnu_ks , I also recently found https://github.com/priologic/easyrtc which worked out of the box, and automatically connects to several public STUN/ICE peers. I'm planning on using it (when I get a chance to finish the WebRTC adapter), maybe we can tag team something? It worked super well on a P2P/decentralized 3D VR multiplayer game somebody had built.

Sure. Do let me know when you need some help :)

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