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This is pretty nifty! Out of curiosity, why did you choose WebTorrent over, say, IPFS? I considered doing something similar using their JavaScript client[0].

[0]: https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs

Interesting question. I was also considering to use IPFS js while developing Peerdium. But it seems like it's not fully ready yet. For example, take a look at this

> DHT (automatic content discovery) and Circuit Relay (pierce through NATs and dial between any node in the network) are two fundamental pieces that are not finalized yet.

Another reason was that I had to still run an IPFS node if articles should be made available for more than 8 hours. I didn't want to do anything with storing articles.

Nice app! Great work, you deserve all the HN attention. :D

How were you able to make WebTorrent work reliably? I was trying to write a WebRTC adapter for https://github.com/amark/gun (I'm the author) but kept on having STUN/ICE problems.

I'd love some tips! And awesome project. Somebody in our community just made a decentralized reddit clone, so it is exciting to see new P2P projects popping up every day! :D

Gun looks pretty cool. I have not fully fixed the STUN/ICE problem. Some of the users on HN are still not able to see the articles. I think the problem reduced a bit after I started running a TURN server. But it's not full eliminated yet. Check out my tweet to Feross. Maybe he has some answers :) https://twitter.com/hackerkidx/status/996009992569274369

@vishnu_ks , I also recently found https://github.com/priologic/easyrtc which worked out of the box, and automatically connects to several public STUN/ICE peers. I'm planning on using it (when I get a chance to finish the WebRTC adapter), maybe we can tag team something? It worked super well on a P2P/decentralized 3D VR multiplayer game somebody had built.

Sure. Do let me know when you need some help :)

Wow GUN looks promising !!! I'm going to follow this closely !

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