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Was going to say, I remember https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9531265 that had the very same idea as this. The thing is, what's the benefit of an ephemeral page? What can I do better if someone else is seeding it for me? Is it that hard to centrally host these bits?

Yes. I think Peerdium is not at all necessary for 99% of the use cases. You can just use a normal publishing platform. Peerdium can become useful if you don't want a single point of failure. That is anyone can spin up Peerdium servers from source code and the links would still work as long as someone is seeding the content. Also nothing is stored in a server. So if you want to share some content that you don't want to get stored in someone's private server then Peerdium can be used as well.

One feature you might want to consider is adding support for RemoteStorage [0] to allow people to export a story to a data provider of their choice, so that they can easily access it later if they care to (and perhaps start re-hosting it?) :)

[0] https://remotestorage.io/

This sounds super interesting. Let me read more about this. :)

You should also check out blockstack, offers similar storage functionality (the user choose where to store the data) and has easy to use js libs

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