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There's 3 websites, to my knowledge, that are IPv6 only:

* https://loopsofzen.uk/

* https://42.be/

* https://ct.filippo.io/

They aren't quite killer applications though, so it won't push many to IPv6. Possibly as the internet gets larger, some hosting providers simply won't have any free IPv4 addresses left? I guess that could be solved by putting CloudFlare in front of the server to provide an IPv4 address. It's strange, I used to do that to provide IPv6 years ago.

Also customers would just think the website is offline, because browser's error page doesn't say: "You have IPv4, but you need IPv6. Call your ISP."

So there'd be no: "I want this IPv6" calls to the ISP.

Just redirect your A record to youdonthaveipv6.com

If you have dual stack, any A record will get used some of the time. It's part of Happy Eyeballs.

I suppose that you could add a long artificial delay to the IPv4 service.

Depends on your browser. For example, Safari will always prefer AAAA over A.

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