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A few months ago I created a project called Hypertext Town, a simple project where anybody can create "camps" (a collection of HTML, images etc.) and connect them together through "towns". A town lives at a subdomain (e.g: town.hypertext.town) and a camp lives at /~camp (e.g: town.hypertext.town/~camp). I never "launched" it so it's just been languishing in obscurity on the www but if anybody wants to make cute little creative HTML websites without the need for hosting, it's live to use at: https://www.hypertext.town

1. click "Set up camp in www" 2. make an account 3. choose your camp name 3. add your html / images etc.

edit: visit https://hackernews.hypertext.town (by TeMPOraL)

Cool! I like the simplicity.

If anyone wants to play, I've made a town for us.


Although undocumented, there is a way to programmatically get the camps in a town, you can check the www. town source for an example of how I've done it, the endpoint is `/camps`, e.g:

https://hackernews.hypertext.town/camps :)

Thanks; updated town page with some hand-written JS that makes use of this :).

Ah that's cool, the Town had better show off all of the cool camps :)


This is great! I love it! I've been looking for an 'uncool' space to create little, text based personal website and it seems to be perfect.

I kinda finished my personal space: https://hackernews.hypertext.town/~kuba

I didn't touch any web development in at least 10 years so it was a lot of fun. I hope even more interesting towns will appear!

Great job on SUPERHOT! All the smashed monitors are worth it ;)


I regret to report though, but something is broken - nothing above the SUPERHOT videos section is clickable :(.

Ah, of course copy pasting random CSS snippets from internet isn't good idea. Who knew?

Just fixed it, I had invisible div over whole page.

Hello from fellow Pole. Saw your page. Love the video :D.

Schools should do this, let their kids explore the joys of building their own personal online space, rather than the branded and conformed offerings they'll likely use instead (FB, Google, Pinterest, etc)

Yup. Sounds like less "technical" interface to a web server. I remember in high school we all had shell accounts on the school server, but you actually had to learn SCP and some basic Linux usage to make it work.

You reinvented webrings.

Sounds more like geocities.

Considering how much google search results dictate whether you come across information or not though, I wonder if webrings could make a lot of the web more visible these days?

Is that a bad thing?

I like it. I hope you keep going with the project and flesh it out further.

Really fun idea, playing with it now!

I know what I'm doing this week

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