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Razorpay Is Hiring Infrastructure / Devops Engineers in Bangalore
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About Us

Razorpay is India’s first converged payments solution company. We act as a payments layer for businesses and provide end-to- end solutions required for operating payments in their business models, not just as a software but as an actual extension of their business. Our clients characterise Razorpay as the company focused on building the future of payments in India. We have designed products to help organizations control their entire flow of money, starting from accepting payments to managing them internally to disbursing required payments to vendors. These products serve as a layer on top of the payment gateway and provide functionalities like charging recurring payments, collecting bank account transfers in the same dashboard, generating payable SMS links and mail invoices and much more. In its 3 years of public release, Razorpay has been able to garner over 75,000 merchants who trust us including the likes of IRCTC, Swiggy, Zomato, Zerodha, GoIbibo and may more. We are on a mission to simplify the journey of money throughout India and we are just getting started.

As an infrastructure/Devops Engineer, you will be responsible for developing and managing the Razorpay’s cloud infrastructure. You also will help drive continuous improvements to our engineering standards, practices, and tools.

Roles and Responsibilities  Research, design and implement solutions for fault tolerance, monitoring, performance enhancement, capacity optimisation, and configuration management of systems and applications.

 Implement proof of concept solutions in the form of prototype applications - Manage our various Kubernetes clusters

 Oversight and development of cloud infrastructure.

 Work on CI/CD tooling used to build and deploy code to our cloud.

 Work on internal tooling which simplifies workflows.

 Assist with day-to-day issue management.

Please write to hn.jobs@razorpay.com if you are interested.

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