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Flopstarter: a platform for bad ideas (flopstarter.com)
237 points by olifrost on May 13, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 68 comments

https://www.productrunt.com/ is a site that collects the lowest voted posts from product hunt.

The undefeated champion in this category is this guy:


I always liked 101 (Un)useless Japanese Inventions


$2,317.50 for the paperback.

Probably reason enough to disable one-click ordering.

Ouch! The HN comment editing window on this has closed for me, but here's a better link:


There was the fuckedcompany website for all those failed companies. There are lessons to be learnt from all these.

What was the best lesson in your opinion?

Mine were: 1) start with a market you have access to, not with an idea, and listen to what the market asks for; 2) hardware is 5x-10x more expensive than you expect

I like the idea of Natural Death Meat.

There are some farms that actually do this. They milk the cows and when they die they are eaten.

lol, yeah they do but this is the lowest grade of meat and typically graded for non human consumption.. best beef is fit / healthy and knocked quickly.

I’m vegan. I’m confused on the actual risk for meat eaters and if they could really tell the difference.

You can quite easily. Meat from a natural-death cow will be tougher - age and movement makes muscles fibres stronger. Also a dairy cow will be much leaner than beef cattle, a consequence of much energy going to milk production instead of fat storage. The flavour is also stronger and more gamey.

Another consideration is the breed - different cattle breads are used for meat and dairy. Most beef cattle are cross-breads between dairy and beef stock. Dairy breeds are less muscular and consequently have lower meat yields.

There's nothing dangerous about it, just unpalatable to most. In the regular market most goes to pet food.

>I’m confused on the actual risk for meat eaters and if they could really tell the difference.

It's not about "risk," it's about quality.

This kind of beef is usually marked "utility grade," which is one step above dog food. It gets sent to those prisons that still serve meat, or to ultra-low-end restaurants like the one under the L tracks in Chicago that offers a full steak meal with garlic bread, a side, and a salad for eight bucks.

I'm not being critical. It's an awesome option for the working poor.* I've probably eaten the steak special at that place a dozen times. But you've got to know what you're getting into ahead of time.

*In days of yore, there were thousands of cheap, quick steak joints in Chicago. Office and factory workers who didn't bring their own lunches would always hit a low-end steakhouse. They were like the McDonald's of the 1890-1940's.

Well for starters the meat absolutely sucks in taste.

I don’t eat meat at all, so this would be an option for people who are ethically against meat but might feel they “need it” for health.

For more abstract inventions, see also https://www.reddit.com/r/CrazyIdeas/

You kids and your sub-reddits! The ancient ones of the web have been collecting bad ideas since the 20th century:


Flops aren't necessarily bad ideas. Some startups fail due to a lack of funding, bad execution, bad leadership, bad teams, burnouts, legal mishaps, patent trolls, fatal bugs, etc.

And stupid bad timings. Like when you do doctor appointments and drug home delivery and every thing in between on mobile app in 2008 in India. Lesson learnt, never bet on technology or platform whose working future or adoption you can not control.

So a platform with only 1% fewer good ideas than Kickstarter?

When I saw the link I was hoping it would just redirect to kickstarter.com (like fisteggplant.com), but then I knew that wouldn't be on the HN

Truth is stranger than fiction; With regards to [1] I'm pretty sure drinking "raw" rainwater is now a thing and multiple real companies exist in this space, much to the chagrin of the FDA.

[1] http://flopstarter.com/cloudfallenwater/

(un?)surprisingly the guy who founded juicero is now in the raw water business.

In some places, like Colorado, harvesting rainwater is actually illegal because the groundwater table needs to be replenished.

well then there's a whole green-field market in Colorado, since they can't get their own, right? /s

isnt that dangerous?

ummm yes.

Some of these are actually good ideas that would sell. The Mort clothing line would be a huge hit in the pomo shock art crowd.

It would make a killing.

I read that as The Morty clothing line and immediately went to the site. Only slightly disappointed.

I think that a $600 wireless juice machine, that all it does is press pre-made juice packages could belong there.

Considering it had $100+ million in funding, a lot of people apparently listened to that same exact pitch and thought it was brilliant lol

Classic example of dumb money and herd mentality among investors. See also: Theranos, Ubeam.

This isn't __that__ funny. If they were more believable and less high school-y it might be worth a revisit.

I disagree entirely. These are hysterical.

When you say "This isn't funny", can I confirm you're suggesting that you don't find it funny rather than making that judgement call for all of us?

You're not funny.

I agree vociferously

TrustMessenger, “a chat app that sends every message to your significant other”, sounds funny, but there is actually a market out there for accountability software. In one example, your browser history is sent to a third party (or sponsor) for review.



This is a thing. It's actually a huge industry and growing with all the problems we're having with bees these days.

Billions of bees from Utah (The Beehive State) are rented out to farmers in California each year.

Nice to see a lighter side on HN sometimes. The satirical nature of the site reminds me of when I fell for marketing tactics displayed there.

Hackathons should be a place for outlandish ideas that otherwise wouldn't get exposure. As it is, most hackathons are quick PoC so the C-levels have some projects to choose from.

The transformation of basically all hackathons from "do something fun or interesting" to "product prototype competition for prizes" is sad. Interestingly, the term "hackday" seems less taken over by that madness.

I couldn't agree more. The hackathons I've won something in were the ones I enjoyed less due to the huge amount of marketing vs actual technology involved in the projects.

I wanted one for feuds, shitstarter.com

There are many mobile games that are the equivalent of Park Assist Auto, and they seem popular enough.

Indeed, Densha de Go is one of my all time favourite games, and it's basically driving a train as precisely as possible.

I picked up about five of these a few years ago in Japan. I'm terrible at it. In two weeks of playing I think I got it right maybe once.

Am I the only one slightly annoyed by the fact that the cover of Park Assist Auto does not depict parallel parking, as mentioned in the description?

These are funny but only bad ideas. http://kickfailure.com has some bad ideas with spectacularly bad execution as well. And they're real. Truth is stranger than fiction.

I would definitely buy a potato skin jacket.

For giggles, I have a novelty twitter account that advertises this sort of enterprise: https://twitter.com/MakingQuillions

Reminds me of that eccentric Japanese inventor with the silliest inventions:


Kenji Kawakami

Does this actually take your money? I sure hope not.

It appears to attempt to auth the card, at least with the “known test card” 4111 1111 1111 1111 (which fails).

This is redundant, Kickstarter does a great job of being a platform for bad ideas.

Finally, real innovation.

halfbakery.com for the millennial generation

But with an interface that's five million times better.

Half-bakery is impossible to navigate and one-word descriptions are worthless.

I miss Regretsy

Honestly, I can see AnkleHub being popular.

I have one, I have one!

What if we made Kickstarter, but only slightly worse? We could call it Flopstarter!

The timeless watch would actually be very cool. A great accessory for reminding you to be in the moment.

This already exists.

here's a childish version of one: https://www.amazon.com/Now-Watch-Present-Moment-WristBand/dp...

When I was a kid I had a cool analog watch made of wood that I could just spin the hands around to wherever I wanted.

Now I have a worn out self-winding watch which loses 5 minutes/hour that I wear when I don't want to know what time it is.

And you wouldn't have to recharge it on a daily basis ;-)

This was hilarious. I’d be cool to have flopstarter come up with 20 projects every day. I’d go to the website every morning just for laughs. Well done.

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