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Show HN: Yet Another HN “Who's Hiring” Browser (kennytilton.github.io)
60 points by kennytilton 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

New version just installed. https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/ June 1 is coming soon, please beat on it so I do not let us seekers down. Next task is a cron job to download and install the page every 15min.

And now we thank the HN team for the recognition: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17205865

The regex search is nifty. I was curious how many would have "zen" in their names so I did a title search for any word that starts or ends with "zen". Only found two results: one for Zen.ly and one than happened to have the word "frozen". Maybe the "zen" trend in startup names has died down a bit.

Thanks. All credit to JS RegExp: my code splits on || and then && to get to search expressions. It splits those on comma, using them as term and options in "new RegExp( term, options)"

Yet another HN Who's Hiring Browser. It has various handy filters and sorts and lets us assign and sort by "stars", flag as "applied to", and record notes.

Uses localstorage so stick to one browser! Tested on Opera, Chrome, and FireFox. FF is needed to load index.html as a local file (unless someone help me work around Chrome's complaints).

Regex searching needs a ton of refinement. Working on that now, and performance when hundreds of jobs are matched.

More/same info here: https://github.com/kennytilton/kennytilton.github.io/tree/ma...

Happy job hunting!

Cool tool, thanks. Can you provide the same for the section 'Who wants to be hired? It might be interesting for recruiters

I just released a new version with a bunch of changes. https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/ More to come, including using a routing library so we do not lose our whole context navigating from the page. I was not seeing that before but I am now so up goes the hood.

I am a PivotalTracker junky. RFEs can be made here: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/2172476

GitHub Issues also welcome, but wait until I carve out a dedicated repo (today).

Items that has "No Visa" are also included when Visa is selected. This needs to be fixed. Otherwise, it is great. Thanks!

Now fixed. I did the same for REMOTE and INTERN, but suspect those do not come up as often. Thx for the suggestion.

ha-ha, those listings also get me when I use browser page search! Maybe the directions should specify not to do a "no" if there is no such option?

ps. You are welcome! And file an issue here and I will get a little tighter on those selects: https://github.com/kennytilton/matrix/issues

I'll try this on my desktop when I get to work in a minute, but it's totally unusable on my Pixel 2 :)

Oy, I am a post-mobile dinosaur, never tested there. Please expand a little with specific issues on the over-arching Github page and I will do what I can: https://github.com/kennytilton/matrix/issues

Please check it out now. I made a lot of adjustments to handle smaller screens and limit the number of jobs displayed. The initial load still takes a while on my phone, however.

Same; I think it's because the only way to submit the form is to hit "enter" (as the page describes), which doesn't seem to be possible on the mobile keyboard

The value gets recorded "onchange", so tabbing off also submits the form. We could also add a "search" button and clicking that would have the same effect. Lend me your thoughts here and I will do something: https://github.com/kennytilton/matrix/issues

I lied. I will create the issue myself and fix that. Please file issues for any other mobile unfriendliness (and I will test myself if I can find my phone).

Found the phone. Looks like I need some -- what's the word? -- adaptive CSS?

OK, tabbing off kicks off the regex search now, or anything else that moves the focus and triggers "onchange". I still think a "Search Now" button making that explicit is a good idea. And then we can add an option not to automatically kick off searches when the parameters change...feature creep! :)

Just tossed in some responsive CSS to get content to wrap on narrow pages. Lemme know what else would help.

Cool, I think it would be nice if you could search case insensitive too.

enter "taipei,i" without the quotes and you should get the Taipei listing. But maybe as a convenience I could add that as a checkbox since it would really be a good default? Please create an issue here and I will knock that off: https://github.com/kennytilton/matrix/issues

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