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If folks would like to serve their own live streaming video, I worked on this Docker image for my church which provides a few HLS streams from an incoming RTMP stream:


You can hack on this foundation to create your own solution.

Also, you can use Terraform to easily run this on Azure:


Or DigitalOcean:


It's fairly cheap, costs about 25 cents an hour on DigitalOcean. Compare to hundreds of dollars for some other live streaming services.

Oh hey! I know you guys! That's really cool to see stuff the Church is doing online to further technology growth and use. Way to go!

I'll definitely keep this in my pocket as we move towards our own live streaming platform. Thanks for sharing!

Sweet! Thanks. I want to keep this kind of thing going. Are you in the Bay Area?

Wow, this is incredibly useful. I'd love to include an option for a self-hosted stream. I looked into setting up a streaming service as well, but decided to just release it with an iframe for the time being.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the kind words! I’m interested in helping smooth out the edges and making it easier to use, so let me know how I can be helpful. Email in profile.

I feel like that with a geographically broad area you're not going to want to host this yourself and MUCH rather use someone's services for VOD/live streaming. Doing CDN and stuff for video seems like a pain. Additionally for live video.

Huge price difference fixed bandwidth cost vs. CDN.

Nah. $.04/GB is practical.


That's still pretty high if we're just considering raw transit costs. The highest rate I would be comfortable paying for a CDN would be $0.015/GB ($0.03/GB in Asia), that's still way above market rates for most IP transit right now.

Much better deal (and probably way better CDN) than AWS provides, but AWS egress rates are suicidally bad, especially for high bandwidth stuff like video. If you're doing any serious streaming, avoid AWS like the plague unless you like livestreaming yourself filing for bankruptcy.

Vs. something like 0.005/GB for Digital Ocean $5 tier. Practical is very situational, but 10x cheaper is 10x cheaper.

Eh, I have done self-hosted Wowza in the past, which makes sense if you have the bandwidth.

You can also get per-hour Wowza AMI EC2 instances, so scale to those when you peak, and fallback to self-hosted for lulls.

How do you get from camera to the incoming RTMP stream part? That's what I'm unclear on.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is very popular with twitch and other streamers.

What kind of upstream bandwidth does that take?

We need roughly around 4 Mbps for 720p. Our internet connection uplink is a bit slow, so we can’t reliably stream full HD.

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