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Make School is hiring a Dean to run our college
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Make School is redesigning college for the 21st century. Our education combines liberal arts, computer science, software development, and character development with a strong emphasis on fully preparing students for successful careers as software engineers, product managers, or entrepreneurs. Our alumni work at Facebook, Google, Apple, Snap, LinkedIn, Lyft and more.

Our college is accessible to students of all backgrounds, 40% are underrepresented minority students and 50% come from low income families. Students pay tuition as a percentage of earnings once they are employed, directly aligning their incentives with ours. Make School is funded by Learn Capital, Y Combinator, Mitch Kapor, Alexis Ohanian, Tim Draper and others.

We are looking to hire a Founding Dean of Make School (the academic equivalent to Head of Product / CPO) to join the senior leadership team of the company. You’ll start off managing a team of 10 people who teach and operate our college. You’ll be responsible for overseeing our academics and student life to ensure students are happy (as measured by NPS) and our education is relevant (as measured by student outcomes).

We are looking for someone with the following (if you have most but not all of these, we still encourage you to apply):

- Ph.D. in Computer Science (or adjacent field)

- 10+ years work experience in technology or education

- Experience in a leadership role at a $10m+ revenue business or college

- Experience building scalable process and making data-driven decisions

- Experience managing a team of 10+ people

- Experience teaching and passion for education

This role will give you a unique opportunity to design the future of higher education. You’ll work closely with our instructional team along with various stakeholders (students, industry partners, student success staff and founders) to make product and pedagogy decisions and build scalable systems to support the growth of our college from 50 to 500 students. You’ll have the opportunity to grow with the company, building out a larger team and interfacing with our investors.

You’ll be joining a team of people who are deeply passionate about our mission to make high quality higher education accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. This will be a chapter of your life you’ll always remember. We hope you join us!

If you're interested or know someone who might be, email me (one of the founders) at ashu@makeschool.com

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