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OP here.

I've built TONS of software but have never had any idea how to sell it. Time after time I've built software that goes nowhere because the software was great but I didn't know how to sell it. Eventually I thought NO - I'm not going to build anything else until I work out how to sell. What's the point in spending years learning to write full stack SAAS applications without being able to turn it into income?

So that's my new mission - work out how to sell, because there's absolutely zero point in writing software if I can't sell it.

After I heard this interview https://mixergy.com/interviews/blublocker-with-joe-sugarman/ I went and bought Joe Sugarman's book https://www.amazon.com/Adweek-Copywriting-Handbook-Advertisi...

So here is my first attempt at writing sales copy:


I'd love to hear your blistering attacks or kind praise, but mainly I'm just interested to hear your opinion. What do you think?

i think $2000 is way too much expensive for an internet course. when i see prices like this for online courses i immediately think of get-rich-quick scheme.

Yup same here!

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