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Experience with Viruses on Unix systems (1989) [pdf] (usenix.org)
21 points by f2f 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

> The ne plus ultra of system breaking is to have the super-user execute arbitrary code for the miscreant

Of course, on macOS and iOS this doesn't work. I think the paper foresees this further down, when they basically describe codesigning and entitlements.

Also as an aside, that monospaced font is awfully pretty for something published in 1989!

Well let's face it, there are easier ways to get unauthorized root access on MacOS aren't there.


I'm sure the jailbreaking community would love to hear from you if you can do the same on iOS.

I wouldn't touch Apple stuff with a ten foot pole. As in, I literally have no use for it as a client platform, which let's face it, is all its used for.

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