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Don’t believe your thoughts. The voice in your head sounds like your voice but that doesn’t make it yours.

Trust your inquisitive nature and question things., people and choices, especially if they feel off.

Most people fake it, most of the time.

Remember what your inner compass feels like. Use that feeling.

Remember that you exist.

Anyone who tries to sell you your own divinity is a scammer.

Anyone who tries to define you sees themselves your master.

Anyone who tries to punish or reward you sees themselves your master and wants you to accept that role.

Your parents (and guardians) are often piloted by the blind forces of trauma patterns. What they do at these times is not parenting but seizures of madness, of which you are the audience and often the victim. This is not your fault, not your doing, and is not right. You are good to the core, but happen to be on the receiving end of these seizures.

This is true for every occurrence of unkindness, humiliation, or abusive interaction by a person who has power over you.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see beliefs, stereotypes, even language and habitual ways of thinking as forces that have colonized humanity. There’s space and life beyond these. Follow your curiosity about that dimension. It exists and is vast — infinitely more expansive than the mind’s ability to think.

Humanity/society is multilayered. The shittiest layers get most of the publicity. There are many, many awesome people living in integrity, creating with open hearts and rich imagination. You can be one of them; the easiest way is to join their communities and friendships.

Friendships are sacred, and deserve your utmost integrity, attention and honesty.

You’re good and you are able to recognize the people who have not broken/fallen to the dark side. Trust that.

I don't usually find anything I haven't heard before in this genre of thread, but these are some profound ideas. Thank you!

> There are many, many awesome people living in integrity, creating with open hearts and rich imagination. You can be one of them; the easiest way is to join their communities and friendships.

This is what I struggle with the most. (As do many others in my generation, I think.) How does one discover such communities?

Dwell in this question while noticing the people around you. Approach the ones you truly admire (not the ones you envy).

One in n will be open to a conversation. Feed the relationships that give you the space to be yourself and seem to want from you the contributions you love giving. Being yourself means being vulnerably honest with the aspects of yourself which you don’t yet love. I think that’s most obvious with artists.

And please give it time. Took a decade to have some of my acquaintances get distilled in into friendships.

I think at a much younger age I had more flexibility and time to do this. I still think it is a worthy pursuit.

Look at it this way: it doesn’t take more time to notice the presence of a certain color in your surroundings.

This is why I'm a big believer in generic talk therapy. A good therapist will often do nothing more than prompt a conversation and then let you speak your mind freely for 30-60 minutes. In this time they will poke and prod at your thoughts, not to try and change them necessarily, but to give your thought process feedback it doesn't get in its mostly closed mental loop.

I have come to a handful of important conclusions in my life that resulted from nothing more than hearing myself say out loud the things I believed in silence. Some might argue this is the role of family and friends but I think you're very lucky if you can rely on those people to be a mostly neutral sounding board for your more embarrassing or guarded beliefs.

Remwmber that you exist should be first on the list.

You tend to forget this simple fact and just live your life which is always a problem.

The last two points are also valuable and you tend to forget it even if you are aware of it. This should be a poster, so thank you

If you are able to remember it in your body, too, everything changes. Your sense of presence intensifies, colors become brighter, silence compresses. It’s like a drop into another dimension, always available on the edge of the habitual daydreaming state.

Focusing on the sense of I-amness, of exist-ing, is an old practice. I did not invent it. I am here to remind you that it works.

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