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Disclosure: I work on Google Cloud (and even on the GCE parts).

No conspiracy here, we were simply late to market on the V100 Beta. As many have noted, we also hold a really high reliability bar before going to Beta (“Google’s Beta is like AWS’s GA” though I wouldn’t claim that in all cases) and we’ve be in Alpha for months. If you’d like to be included in Alpha offerings drop us a line.

As I’ve said in previous threads: Compute Engine intends to be the best place for computing. That includes the kind of workloads TPUs are tuned for, but it also includes all the stuff that GPUs excel at. That’s not going away, and GCE isn’t favoring one over the other. We sell infrastructure, and we don’t try to (overtly) pick favorites, we let our customers do that.

Apologies, stand corrected. Conspiracy theories are always more fun:) Guess was just coincidence that after grabbing all this press on GCE v100 finally being available, tpu3 is announced few days later.

> “Google’s Beta is like AWS’s GA” though I wouldn’t claim that in all cases

Wow, that's so ... I don't even have a word for it.

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