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Show HN: Ip Man. Mac menu bar app displaying your IP (ipman.io)
24 points by mariedm on May 8, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments

Hold Alt and click the WiFi icon in menu bar to get IP address without installing additional app.

Some of us still use Ethernet... But I already have a little section in my Hammerspoon config that puts my current IP in the lower right of my second display. BitBar would also work.

Agree. But you can't copy/paste it.

Does that give your public IP or just your local NAT'd LAN address?

Public IP + ethernet/wlan depending on which one you're connected with.

Hi HN, I was tired of getting my IP address through the terminal so I made an app to get it faster.

Are you Wing Chun practitioner? If you are, really good name :)

I think it is pretty good regardless

I’m not but it’s related

Admittedly you've added copy+paste, but the alt-click of the wi-fi icon is still a lot more useful because of all the extra info.

Indeed. I made this app for me at first and my primary purpose was to be able to copy/paste my IP address quickly and easily, I didn't need the extra info. But that's something I could add.

Taught me something new.

i use bitbar for this kind of stuff.

Handy. Also, can it fight 10? :)

Sure :)

Dope name

Thanks :)

Anything for Windows or Linux users?

No sorry only for Mac. For now at least.

£2.99 to copy your IP address to the clipboard....

It's handy. Some people find it useful and are willing to pay the price of a coffee to get that done quickly and easily.

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