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The way I see it there are only a few reasons that I would ever do a side project.

1. To make more money now by freelancing.

2. To make more money in the future by learning new skills or heck at the point, just to keep up with the technology to stay employable.

3. A great idea that I think I can make money on.

4. For fun


Taking those reasons into account:

1. We make enough now to be comfortable and I'm not willing to prioritize making more money over exercising or spending time with my family and friends.

2. I try to make sure I have a job that lets me keep learning. I'll spend extra time at work trying to figure out a new to me technology to incorporate in my job. That's the quickest way to learn how something works in a real world environment.

3. I really don't have any great money making ideas.

4. I find coding and problem solving "fun" That's why I enjoy my job. If I'm not enjoying my job, it's time to get a new one.

But I do spend maybe 5-6 hours a week studying and watching tech videos in my downtime or when I'm working out in my home gym.

My gut feeling is most of us would be better off doing something completely different in our spare time, ideally something that doesn't involve sitting behind a keyboard.

Your gut wants you to exercise and take hikes looking at green things every once in a while.

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