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Show HN: Trailer Nite – Find something to watch tonight (trailernite.com)
54 points by mattkenefick 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

This is a neat implementation.

I stopped watching trailers for movies a few years ago - headphones and closed eyes during movie previews and everything, and it greatly improved my enjoyment of nearly every movie I see.

I go for the story and visuals, and studios long ago decided that story and visual surprise were worth sacrificing to get people into theaters.

As for figuring out what to see, I find that a combination of any of title, director, writer, genre, and occasionally performers are enough to make up my mind.

Unfortunately modern trailers are just SparkNotes spoilers for movies.

For example, if you have seen Get Out, go back and watch the trailer. How are you supposed to immerse in a movie when you know who the bad guys are upfront and what the whole twist is? (If you haven't seen Get Out, I recommend just watching it knowing it's a thriller)

It can be tough for thrillers / suspense films where it's best when everything is a surprise, but I have no idea how you market something based on: "Trust us, it's really good but we can't tell you anything about it."

Infinity War did some interesting advertising where they changed scenes intentionally so you couldn't follow the timeline in the actual film. They "lied" in the trailers, but I think it worked out for the best.

The Alien franchise has some good marketing material that both interested me without knowing what the movies were about:

- The original trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEVY_lonKf4

- David's intro from Weyland Corp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ7E7Qp-s-8

I know it's kind of a lame time to rant on this subject. Obviously trailers are popular despite how I feel. For example, I'm probably the only person in the theater that closes my eyes and plugs my ears for previews that look any good (not just thrillers), so I certainly don't think your project is a bad idea.

Solid recommendation of movie. I find this too, where a movie I might be interested in releases a trailer basically telling me what happens in the movie. It's definitely not limited to suspense/thrillers. When I see a trailer like that I'm always left wondering "why would I even bother watching this now - I already know what happens"

Is it only me or does this website (supposed to help me "Find something to watch tonight") mainly gets me trailers of movies that'll get release in weeks or months?

The category you land in is "Hot" which represents items that are new and popular. They generally end up being movies/tv series that are soon to be released.

If watch enough or click "Browse", you can start watching things based on what VOD you have (Netflix, Hulu, etc), what genre you're interested in, general rating, and more.

We thought that new-comers to the site would be more interested in seeing a trailer for Venom, Avengers, or Deadpool than seeing a trailer for Jaws or Scarface.

You can definitely browse the VOD, newly added, genres, etc to find something for right now at home... but you can also learn what's coming out, what's out now, and what was recently released (soon to be on DVD).

Oh, great, thanks for the tip!

Author here: The point of this project is to discover movies and TV shows that you ordinarily wouldn't find because the studios put their advertising money into something else.

Now that we have so many ways to watch content: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, theaters, cable/dish, etc... there are so many options, so many new original series, and it's nearly impossible to follow along with new releases. It's great to have all this new content, but not if you can't find it.

Trailer Nite is a fun way of discovering new content on platforms that you use. Every trailer is like a short film. It's about 2 minutes long with its own tone, with its own entertainment value, and if you like it... you can watch the real thing.

Anyway, this came out of a utilitarian need for me and then grew to be more. Hopefully it helps some other people out there that enjoy movies/tv like I do.



A few years ago, I got into a show recommended by Hulu. After the second season ended, I was like "Hmm, I wonder when the next one is coming out?" Turns out, the show had already been canceled for a year. I had never even heard of it. I probably would've watched it if I knew about it. That would've increased their ratings (if enough people watched) and it could still be on today; but it's not.

I've found several movies using Trailer Nite that I never heard about. Some were recently released with several famous people starring in it, but it didn't matter. I watch plenty of TV and I see plenty of commercials so it's really surprising to me that this many movies and shows are released with little to no advertising.

Edited for grammar / wording.

The scrolling is awful, it fades out the trailer roll if I stop moving my scroll wheel. Looks like it's not resetting the 'hide trailer roll' timeout when scroll events happen.

The logic around that is:

If you're scrolling, it stays open. If you pause the video, it stays open.

If you stop moving your mouse, we wait a couple seconds then fade out. If you move your mouse, it resets the timeout.

Some people would scroll a little then stop moving the mouse to watch the current trailer and were expecting details to fade away since they were no longer interacting with it.

I think I understand your point, but it's tough when some people expect A and some people expect B.

You should configure it to wait a second or two, instead of instantly disappearing. It happened whenever I moved the scrollwheel as far as I could, and then moved my finger to the other side of the wheel to continue scrolling.

Note that scrolling once and waiting causes the roll to stay up for a short while before fading out. Scrolling a lot and waiting causes the roll to almost-instantly disappear, when I expect the same delay as the first case I described.

I thought it was pretty clever, even supported two-finger sidewise scrolling on the movie-bar that netflix still doesn't get right.

Finding something the whole family can agree on would be great, this could be a fun way to look at the options while training a picker. However... I am not going to mix my watching habits with a Twitter or Facebook sign-in.

Secondly, under "Browse" one of the options is "Available Now". Does that mean everything else is not (available now)?

1.) We'll save your list to localStorage so that you can come back to it later on the same computer. The reason we have Facebook/Twitter sign-in is so you can sync the saved list across devices. We chose FB/Twitter for single sign-on so people wouldn't have to do email/password. We're considering adding Google to it as well.

So you don't have to use login to save items for later; just use the same computer next time and they should be there when you come back if that's what you prefer.

2.) "Available Now" represents content that has a release date of today or earlier. We do have some content on here that's unreleased, upcoming, or early release.

I understand that "upcoming content" may conflict with the "Find something to watch tonight," slogan, but considering that over 98% of our content is available to watch now... I think it still applies.

>We'll save your list to localStorage so that you can come back to it later on the same computer

This will work really well on the HTPC (where all the debating happens) - thanks for replying.

All I really want, and am still failing at, is something where I can say "I have Netflix, Amazon and HBO" and then have recommendations from all of those, but just those. I don't know if I want to browse HBO or AMazon, or whatever, I want a TV guide to tell me what I might enjoy chosen from the services I have access to...

It looks like you're using the "Want to see" percentage as the Rotten Tomatoes rating, this is misleading

FYI, maybe too late for you to see this, but I first looked at browse->netflix, then I switched it to amazon, same movies listed there (netflix movies). I did not sign in.

The trailer for the Netflix Barack Obama movie "Barry" is showing the description and cover art for the HBO tv show "Barry".

Good find. Saw the flags for that, it should be adjusted (depending on cache).

It looks really nice. Scroll wheel scrolling is broken though :(

which API are you using? AFAIK Netflix doesn't have an API

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