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The best way to improve autoplay is to disable it.


This flag doesn't do what it sounds like it does (and what it should). From https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16367457#16370471:

> Alas, this flag only prevents video that has sound from auto-playing. It’s the inadequate option that my earlier comment was referring to.


> Here’s more: https://www.chromium.org/audio-video/autoplay

> https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/09/autoplay-p...


> Quoting the blog post, Google’s decision that ”Muted autoplay is always allowed” is the problem. If any other Chrome users wondered why videos now auto-play without sound (even with this option set), at least based on the relatively minimal docs about this flag, this is why.

Which, sadly, does not actually work for me. I've had it disabled since it first appeared and it has barely made a difference. At least for the news site that play unwanted video. The best I've been able to do in Chrome is to block anything that looks like a CDN using Privacy Badger.

In my experience the equivalent option in Firefox works quite well.

Just tried it. Didn't work. First off the only options are "default", "no user gesture required", "user gesture is required for cross-origin iframes", "Document user activation is required". None of which sounds like "disable autoplay"

Set the flag to "Document user activation is required", restarted browser, went to youtube, videos autoplay

Interesting. Setting this to "Document user activation required" eliminated all autoplay for me.

It seems to work intermittently for me at best. Bloomberg is a notable (notably annoying) example that not only autoplays (though at least without sound) but highjacks your first click on the video (usually trying to pause it) and enables sound instead.

Hmm. Actually it seems to be less effective this week than in the past.

There is no disable option there (at least in Chrome 66).

"Document user activation required" is what you want.

Doesn't work. See above

I block video content distribution sites at the source, via my router.

Ditching Chrome is another excellent and recommended option.

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