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Don't switch.

Long story short: Gogs was slow in committing pull requests. The maintainer says it's because he has specific standards, the community sees it as just slowness. Anyway Gogs was forked into a new version that is supposed to be more active and well maintained.

Well the forking lit a fire under the ass of the Gogs maintainer and he has since become much more active than he was. For a month there there was reason to switch to Gitea as it was adding features that Gogs did not have at a rapid pace, but Gogs is now mostly caught up and there is reason to prefer it. I personally would go with Gogs. 1 passionate person > design by committee of people with shared low responsibility.

+1. About two years ago I switched to gitea but then switched back. gogs has (had?) slightly less features but seemed more polished. No issues since then, I'm glad to run again the original.

A quick question, how simple is it to switch from one to the other? Do you need to ditch all of the metadata each time? (pull requests, issues, users, etc).

(can only tell my past situation, don't know how it is in general and today)

From gogs to gitea all metadata has been taken over (db was identical then). -- For gitea to gogs I read that the two projects have diverted. As I could afford to loose metadata of my not too many projects, I went back to gogs ditching and recreating everything (wrong switching decisions should be punished, don't they;).

i would prefer the original here too. This is a simple enough project that a single maintainer can easily manage the workload of accepting PRS and setting the projects direction. The community forked because they argue that the community can't make changes, however this seems to have changed. So problem solved.

Thank you for that I was wondering about it too. I'm pretty happy with Gogs as it is.

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