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People use Electron because of web technology and also the abstractions available there like React, not because any dynamically-typed language would've sufficed.

In fact, Python is at a disadvantage here anyways because it's not async by default.

What's so important about being async by default to build desktop applications? Offloading slow tasks to a background thread is not at all harder and actually allows you to use more than one cpu core.

Threads avoid the need of callbacks/promises/async/await and they're also cheap and performant unless you need to spawn >10k of them, which seems very unlikely in a desktop applications.

Being async by default is an advantage when you need to handle hundreds of thousands of tasks, all of which are mostly waiting on I/O, which is something that can happen on server side applications, and almost never on the desktop.

Python is really in the same category as JavaScript as far as being asynchronous is concerned.

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