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I'm really pleased to hear you say that. Every time I have asked about Tkinter on here or SO I get "Tk is really old, you should be using Qt or blahblah". So I guess I start to doubt myself and think that the issues I am having are because I am such a noob I used this crappy old framework that no serious developer would.

However I still find similar issues with Tkinter as I discussed above, I really didn't expect to have to learn how Tk event loops or whatever worked just to get my code to execute in the order it is written in! I guess I was just naive.

Check out http://tkdocs.com to get started _properly_ with tkinter.

The blocking thing you can do in two ways. First, put your blocking stuff in another thread and do it there, and when it's done call back into the main thread to tear down the alert.

The other way, to play nice with the event loop, is to do something like:

   Tk.update_idletasks()  # process events so that the dialog shows up
If within do_my_stuff you can periodically call update() to process events, it'll give the appearance of being more responsive.

After you get a bit more experience with doing some GUI stuff, and if you want to have a more long-running GUI, it will become more natural to think of initiating everything in response to event handlers, as opposed to the batch model of running your program linearly from top to bottom.

You have told me more in that message than the whole book I read on Tkinter, and all of the experts who told me I was using the wrong framework. Thank you.

I guess looking at it, having a process that is going to take a few seconds and must block the user from progressing until it completes is perhaps not the scenario most tutorials envisage. Thanks again

yuck, for the sake of everything, please don't use tk for new apps. They don't support hidpi (except for a global scaling of the app which sometimes does not even works - makes quite a bunch of tk apps unusable). For some reason they don't feel smooth either on > 60Hz screen.

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