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I have been waiting for this my entire adult life. That's all I have to say about it.

What about pygobject? What does Qt have to offer over GTK?

I like pygobject too, but I've always wanted a QT library for python not written by a 3rd party. Most of the 3rd party libs will get you 90% there, but if QT commits to making the library, they won't leave me hanging. I've been wanting to build a python desktop app with the newest version of QT with lots of dynamic UI windows for a very long time, and this will allow me to do it.

Haven't used either, but people typically say that Qt's API is cleaner, that it's better suited for cross-platform applications (for example it has support for Android) and that it's more flexible (for example LXDE is being rewritten as LXQt, since the devs found GTK3 too heavyweight and too GNOME-centric).

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