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> My Python head says this should look like this

No, that's not "your python head", sorry, that's your "VB head" at best. That's lack of knowledge of how desktop GUI paradigms actually work and what an event loop is and how it interacts with threads.

I do not disagree that VB (and Delphi) did a better job at hiding these concepts from the "just getting it done" crowd, but don't blame it on Python if you don't have a grasp of how C++ GUI toolkits actually work.

> but don't blame it on Python if you don't have a grasp of how C++ GUI toolkits actually work.

I'm not blaming it on Python, honestly. I'm just really surprised that there isn't a framework that will hide that stuff from me like VB did. You are a 100% correct in that I don't know anything about desktop GUI paradigms, or C++ GUI toolkits. I really don't have the bandwidth to find out either! I'm also surprised that I need to. I don't think that is even my VB head, I am a business systems person who has successful modeled a physical process in software. In a recent case I did all of the work negotiating with vendors/management/users, I found the bugs in the vendors API, and I did this to an absurd deadline (with almost zero budget) created by a a vendor withdrawing a product with no notice. That's the kind of absurd thing us plebs in the "just getting it done" crowd have to do all of the time. But I am finding that simple GUI launchers for my software are really complicated in Python with the frameworks I have found. I am shocked that this is the piece that is defeating me! As I said before, I could write a web front-end for this kind of thing relatively easily (in the above case it was a hardware requirement that lead me to try again at the desktop GUI). Perhaps this is why we see so many people looking at the web-app-on-the-desktop that is so derided on these pages?

Yes, a shame that the FLOSS world never came up with a competitive integrated VB/Delphi clone in a better language like Python. Probably it would have been a huge undertaking, right when web dev was taking off.

Although I've heard good things about Lazarus IDE, probably your best bet for such projects. Pascal is not hard to learn, or re-learn.



As I said I am not qualified to judge how hard this is, but:

I don't really like working in an IDE, or need to. I am happy to design GUI components in a markup language, for the kind of use cases I am talking about.

However would it not be possible to hide the complexities of managing a GUI in the framework/bindings so that the Python user just has to deal with "Someone clicked OK>Run this function" in as easy a way as VB did?

I mean I don't know much about how to send a http request in C++, but I can do it in 'requests' without much problem!

Thanks for the advice on Lazarus. Not FOSS and not desktop, but I have been looking at Anvil recently, which makes it really easy to code web app front ends, allowing me to concentrate on backend stuff.


VB was easy because of shortcuts provided by the IDE.

If you don't want one, QML is what you are looking for.

Saw anvil and it looked interesting, aren't apps tied to its system however?

Yes, that is the (major) downside. The trade-off is extreme productivity.

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