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On a massive Perl / Mojolicious project it took me about 2 months to contribute, and 8-10 months to gain a moderate level of fluency. Like others have mentioned, I don't think I will ever fully know the language.

On an extremely large Salesforce APEX project, it took me a few weeks to contribute and a couple of months to gain fluency. APEX is pretty much a subset of Java (with minor differences) so there was a lot less to learn there.

Took me a couple of days to grasp Mojolicious as a Perl programmer. Really well thought out framework.

2 months sounds insane. I guess you did not click with Perl?

The application uses Mojolicious magic very heavily and we have a lot of Perl 'wizards' who like to write code that relies on little known language features. Now that I am very comfortable with Perl I enjoy reading that kind of code, but coming from mostly Java/APEX it was a difficult experience.

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