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Yes and no. It got a lot of press outside of regular tech circles, and it's also attracting a lot of people who don't even know Ruby. Earlier today I fixed someone's bug report by showing them which half of "<<<" "===" ">>>" to remove from their Rakefile because of a bad merge. Many of the people who've subscribed to the list are incredibly inexperienced.

Heh, then maybe I'm not missing much. I subscribed, noticed it was filling my inbox (and thus making my phone beep), created a gmail filter for it, and promptly forgot I subscribed. 24 hours later, reading your comment makes me not want to really open up that label.

We all started somewhere and were inexperienced, but there was a time, before Google Groups, where the ability to signup to a mailing list was a small hurdle that helped weed out some of the mailing list distraction. September never ends.


And please, don't get me wrong. I love noobs. But nobody's reading the README. Nobody's reading previously filed bugs. Nobody's reading other threads on the ML. It's really, really bad.


I think part of it's that the README is SO long. They should really move the installation documentation into a different github page or something.


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