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Very disappointing especially with $200k behind them to do this properly and so many hopeful supporters.

As we predicted this is just another propitiatory system with open source code. Sort of like OpenID.Clever PR but not really what it claims to be.

How do you justify using the 'open' when it is based upon a propitiatory naming system? With Diaspora, whoever owns trydiaspora.com (anyone know who does?) owns your content and connections, meaning you are effectively trusting someone who is hiding their identity. Nice.

We try repeatedly to reach out to the Diaspora team when they kicked-off with an alternative that is 100% open and user-centric called NetID (see http://ucentric.org) but were ignored.

I guess that when you have $200,000 and no one to answer to, you can pretty much ignore your stated goals and anyone trying to help you achieve them.It also looks like that is basically what they are delivering for the $200k they raised as their blog suggests it is now an open project for the community to finish off...

As a side issue, is there any truth in the rumor that Zuckerberg gave them $100K?

"Propitiatory" turns out to be kind of a cool word to know. Thanks!

See the latest post on ucentric.org and you will see our reasoning for this opinion.

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