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Thanks, but it sort of tastes like ash. Locally we have a engineering tradition of Big Red Buttons. If you know a process is out of control, you have to hit the Big Red Button. All work stops, the company starts losing huge amounts of money instantly, etc. The reason we're taught to hit the Big Red Button is that quality issues quickly propagate past the point where you can stop them.

On the Internet, with a highly anticipated release getting mainstream media attention and a dedicated community, quality issues propagate quickly indeed.

But nobody ever wants to hit the Big Red Button. I would greatly have preferred getting a solid eight hours of sleep rather than spending several hours checking if errors were exploitable (yes), sending four emails to try to find someone on the inside, and getting quoted in a piece which is sure to ruin several someones' day. But there are people putting data into Diaspora instances as we speak, so Big Red Button it is.

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