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"They are going to get burned in a very serious manner very, very quickly if they actually succeed in doing what they're trying to do." And by "burned in a very serious manner" he means someone is going to see their vacation photos and change their username to "Ima Douche."

If someone totally took over my Facebook account I'd be minorly annoyed and that's about it. Unless you're putting your social security number into your Diaspora account, who cares?

I think it's easy to underestimate how valuable something like a Facebook account actually is.

If I meant someone real harm and had access to their Facebook account, I could cause them a lot of trouble. I could send messages to their friends asking for unreasonable favours, starting arguments or causing other offence, I could embarrass them in front of their family. I could stalk them in real life. Look what happened when 4chan got hold of the passwords to a bunch of Christian student Facebook accounts:


Your online reputation is valuable.

You are, as usual, a voice of uncut pragmatism. But if nobody cared about what was in Diaspora, there wouldn't be much point to Diaspora. I agree that this is mostly a logic puzzle and not a practical issue.

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