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This doesn't really match my impression at all.

Caring a lot about specifically making money is, in my opinion, absolutely key to making money, because otherwise you just end up focusing on other things (family, pleasures, ideals, etc.). If I wanted to make money, I'd design a very different thing in a very different way compared to if I wanted to make something me and my circle of friends would find useful. These things are practically disjoint.

> The people who become devoted to a field or a technology - who make the business their passion, and focus on filling a need - these are the people who earn a fortune.

This is a bit mixed up. Like, these are different things.

Devoting yourself to something strikes me as the hard way to make money. For the vast majority of people, this will absolutely not work, simply due to probabilities. It's like devoting yourself to being a professional athlete. Good luck, there are millions of others like you.

> who make the business their passion, and focus on filling a need

This, to me, IS a "getting rich" mindset, as I don't really understand why anyone would get into it otherwise. Most people I know who really care about technology are often tragically far from any kind of user and therefore can't think about filling a need. People who care a lot about a subject are often filling their own need, but there's no guarantee whatsoever that that need has anything to do with any kind of customer. Quite the opposite, most useful needs are already filled, it's the small niches that an individual might want filled. There are also large chunks of people who like filling a need in a "helpful" sort of way (i.e., writing documentation) who often get no kickback from it at all.

If anything, a person super passionate about something, if they actually want to make money, needs to wheel that around almost completely and care about all sorts of other things, such as marketing and business management, things many people plain find hard to digest.

You need to, specifically, really care about making money for many of these things to not be somewhere between gross and boring to you.

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