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> Missile launches aren't quite as dramatic

The video from the last test of Trident D5, launched from offshore, was unreal.

Someone happened to catch it with a good lens from a fairly dark hilltop, and then spacecraft experts annotated the video to point out what was going on.

You could see the bus rotating and ejecting warheads (or decoys) all the way through its inventory. Amazing.

I'm told by family that it's even more amazing to see the RVs re-entering overhead if you are lucky enough to be downrange during a test.

Maybe it's just my personal biases - the rumble of a Minuteman compared to a Delta or Atlas seemed rather abbreviated, and the launches themselves were often obscured in inclement weather. An SLBM popping out of the water would be rather surreal to behold, for sure.

My favorite launch memory was of a Delta II night launch at SLC-2, from an elevated position on north base. The flame seemed to light up the horizon, and when the sound hit there was a power to that thunder that really must be witnessed firsthand to fully appreciate.

Related, someone submitted a binaural recording of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch to SmarterEveryDay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImoQqNyRL8Y

Conveys your sentiment regarding how it really sounds to be there. It unfortunately cannot convey the actual feeling of being there, and the impact of the launch on the body.

The Falcon Heavy double-landing was also pretty unique -- two triple sonic booms.

I was there that day, it was pretty amazing.

Yep! I was in Jetty Park so I'd be close to the landing!

Have a link to that video?

I wasn't able to locate it in a few minutes of searching, sorry. Youtube's search pollution problem for popular topics is really bad.

Edit: Here's an article[1] that seems to have the video embedded, with a link to the annotation.

[1] https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/video-analysis-of-trident-...

It might be here [1].

Around 5:00 minutes, the vehicle seems to shed smaller objects.


RVs re-entry on Russian testing range - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8csh1_8Sh4

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