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Show HN: Refjar.com – bookmark links and fetch online discussions (refjar.com)
92 points by mdoliwa 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 37 comments

I build it for myself, as I like to read comments sections a lot, and sometimes I have interesting article and would like to read what people think about it. So now I add it to refjar and it fetches discussions from reddit and HN.

My public bookmarks list: https://refjar.com/u/mdoliwa/j/bookmarks

I'd be very thankful for any feedback about tool/idea.

This is very cool, and thanks for sharing!

One question -- how often does your tool re-scan for new discussions, or does it not re-scan?

I see on your public bookmarks, it shows current discussions, it would be cool to see which ones are new since the last time you looked. A further suggestion would be to include a date & star icon on new discussions. Just a thought -- thanks again for sharing!

Now it rescans only number of comments. It starts with n = 15 minutes and schedules next scan in n*2 if there were no new comments or n/2 if there were any.

Fetching new discussions after initial scan is in my todo list.

Once you sign up, there is no bookmarklet link to save links. You have to log out to be able to access it.

Thanks for info, I'll fix this.

> Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God - YouTube [www.youtube.com]

No discussions on this topic huh?

Hmm, when I come back from work I'll recheck reddit manually to find any new discussions.

One more q, if I start using it, I would like to know it will stay and I will not lose my links.

Yes, my wife is using it to bookmark her cooking recipies, so it has to stay :).

You'll be able to export all your bookmarks to other systems, it's on my todo list. I want it to be a long term project.

OK, thank you. Hail wife :).

There’s a very useful service for me here beyond bookmarking. I often want do read something and wonder if there has been a Hacker News or reddit thread about it, but don’t necessarily want or need to bookmark it.

Any plans to decouple these? I feel like I remember a chrome extension from ages ago that showed hacker news comments for the current page, but I’ve searched a couple times and come up dry.

I use a very simple Chrome extension which just opens any existing Reddit threads for the current webpage.


Yeah, I think in future I will decouple these two and extract this feature as a stand alone service.

So far I've used Chrome extension "HN current page search" which finds both HN and Reddit discussions regarding the page you happen to be on (only if you click the extension does it check).

On the other hand once Delicious closed down I've settled in for https://raindrop.io/

You can extend it to Twitter too, Arxiv Sanity has a 'Top Hype' section [0].

[0]: http://arxiv-sanity.com/toptwtr

Thanks for suggestion.

man, last week i created https://peg.gy. similar idea when it comes to rating and tagging but no intention of fetching online discussions. it's just a proof of concept for now.

i even created a similar bookmarklet to drag to the bookmark bar, but "Peg it" instead of "Jar It"

Just a heads up that according to the React devtools extension, it looks like Peg.gy is running the development build of React in production. It should be easy to fix: https://reactjs.org/docs/optimizing-performance.html#use-the...

yea i know. just a PoC for now, hoping to upload a more functional version with user accounts and stuffs in the coming week.

Ship early, ship often.

i tend to lean towards late and rarely

Great idea! Do you plan to make it paid at some point - referring to the Sign up and try for free note?

The biggest issue I have with bookmarking (apart from a better interface - which your app addresses) is link rot. I think adding a permalink (maybe by default?) would take this to the next level. Perma.cc has a nice API last time I checked :)

http://pinboard.in/ offers a paid archiving service. Also Refjar has a somewhat similar interface to Pinboard.

Don't know when and how, but I'd love to make it some kind of lifestyle business.

I have it on my todo list, and it could probably be some kind of premium option, I haven't decided yet.

It's almost something I would use everyday, but I don't think bookmarks are the right approach. For example, because reddit comments tend to be higher quality than YouTube comments I use AlienTube for YouTube which replaces a YouTube video's comments with reddit threads (if they exist). I'd want a similar thing for just any article, without having to bookmark what I'm reading (or go to a separate site even).

AlienTube chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alientube-for-yout...

I am curious, are you also thinking of a different solution to problem that bookmarks are solving (= keeping track of websites you want to keep track of) or just the social part (in your scenario through reddit comments being injected into any website you visit)?

Mainly just the social part. I already use a combination of Feedly and IFTTT to save articles of interest.

What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

I especially like the ability to tag items and then search on them. Having a feature to edit tags after the fact, or search on them by entering a tag name as opposed to clicking on an existing tag would be really neat.

Bug report: I got a 500 when trying to empty the trash of 2 items.

Thanks, I know this project is a little buggy, I'll work as fast as I can to fix them. Finishing tags edition, and searching like on stackoverflow is one of the things in my "next" board in Trello :)

Update: That has been fixed already.

This is awesome, I've wanted a tool that shows the HN/Reddit comments on articles for a while now but never got around to making it -- thanks for creating it!

Nice Job there. How much it differs from Flipboard / Pocket ?

I used Pocket only, and main way of using it was to discover new things. As I love reading comments it was little annoying to find interesting article and have no information about online discussions about it. Besides that I wanted it to have options to share lists of links by making them public, so my wife could eaisly share her cooking recipies :)

I wwas thinking about the same concept a few days ago. thanks a lot for creating this.

Query: How often it rescans the link to check the new comments?

Now it rescans only number of comments. It starts with n = 15 minutes and schedules next scan in n*2 if there were no new comments or n/2 if there were any.

Fetching new discussions after initial scan is in my todo list.

Great app! In the future, is it possible to follow other people and see the top list of bookmarked links?

This feels like Twitter + Pocket

Yep, I'm thinking about doing some aggregate top links and option to subscribe to lists.

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