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Our vision is to be the tool that starts with great settings for beginners but lets you graduate into the internals as you become more expert - at the lowest level you can interactively create computation graphs and see their results as you change settings, sort of like eager mode for ml frameworks on steroids (or other visual computation graph programs that designers use like Origami/Quartz Composer).

The lobes in the UI are all essentially functions that you double click into to see the graph they use, all the way down to the theory/math.

If you want more comprehensive ways to learn the theory, I highly recommend Stanford's 231n course (http://cs231n.stanford.edu/) and the Goodfellow/Bengio/Courville Deep Learning book (https://www.amazon.com/Deep-Learning-Adaptive-Computation-Ma...)

@mbeissinger thanks, great to see Lobe have low levels for play.

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