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Managing Styles with Sass on Heroku (avandamiri.com)
3 points by avand 2562 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite

Avand, your blog is really hard to read in Chrome, thanks to the shadow on all the regular text, which ends up appearing blurry. Firefox is actually significantly easier to read, though I'm still thinking you should drop the text shadow. Nice post otherwise, though!

avand, one file in your code reads:

Dir.glob("#{Rails.root}/app/stylesheets/#{params[:package]}//.css") do |filename|

Don't you want to compile all SCSS files? Why '.css' then? Also, wouldn't you have to exclude partials (_foo.scss)?

I had to add ':load_paths => %w(. ./app/stylesheets)' to the sass_options to get the @imports working. Did it work for you without that?

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