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It's weird how Facebook is getting all the heat but Google is the real snake in the grass.

When Google bans you, they delete your drive, Gmail, photos and everything associated with it including the ability to search. Also they are associative; if one of your accounts are banned then any account, even business accounts, are all purged.

One of a startup in my previous cohort was completely deleted after one of it's employees who had a banned Google account logged into Google for business

Don't risk. Avoid

Are you saying that Google banned the whole organization based on the association of one employee with a banned account? And they withheld your data with no recourse? Did you consult a lawyer?

It's a widespread issue:




Just curious, how can you even get a lawyer for issues like this? And in US it would all be a sham show (like the Zuckerberg senate hearing)

I was specifically asking about the business's organization being shut down because of an employee's unrelated banning.

It was a startup. I don't think they could afford it

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