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> there is no definitive fix and there can't be - unless you accept the totalitarian single gatekeeper scheme Cyde describes.

Zooko's triangle is a triangle - decentralization is not the only thing we could sacrifice. We could even start to layer multiple naming schemes on top of each other to mitigate some of those sacrifices.

What OP (makecheck) was getting at was that the .app tld doesn't really solve any problems except to block one very specific injection attack, and it's problematic for Google to market it as significantly more secure than any other namespace. I agree with that.

The problem isn't that new tlds are unsustainable in the long term (although they are), it's that they don't even solve anything in the short term. Right now, at this moment, I can't credibly tell my parents that they should trust a .app domain more than a .com domain. Within a month of its release, people will be using it to phish older websites - because malicious actors will always be faster than regular users and developers.

If you're trying to block Sybil attacks, I wouldn't be that surprised if introducing new namespaces ironically ends up making the problem even worse.

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