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People.ai | San Francisco | Engineering + Data Science + Sales + Customer Success | Onsite | Visa OK | Full-time | https://people.ai

People.ai is the AI platform for data-driven enterprise companies. We're leveraging graph-based ML and AI to deliver real-time insights to business leaders and executives. Our team members value one another, our customers, radical transparency, and end-to-end ownership.

Customers include Dropbox, Lyft, Okta, Gainsight, Tanium, Cogniance, MemSQL, Mulesoft and dozens of others we can't mention here. ;)

- Sr. Software Engineers (Python,Kafka,Spark,PostgreSQL,AWS): http://bit.ly/peopleai-swe

- Director of Information Security: http://bit.ly/peopleai-infosec

- Head of Data Science: http://bit.ly/peopleai-ds

- Enterprise Customer Success Manager: http://bit.ly/peopleai-csm

- Enterprise Account Executive: http://bit.ly/peopleai-eae

- Sales Enablement Leader: http://bit.ly/peopleai-salesenablement

- Sales Operations Leader: http://bit.ly/peopleai-salesops

- Sales Engineer: http://bit.ly/peopleai-se

- UX/Interaction Designer: http://bit.ly/peopleai-ux

Contact: thong[at]people.ai

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