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Is there any precedent for a TLD owner doing what you describe? I think this is HSTS preload and nothing more.

ICANN has hundreds (thousands?) of pages of rules and procedures relating to the ngTLD program detailing exactly how all of this plays out. Spoiler alert: There's not and can't be.

yes, there are many domains which describe what is acceptable and what not on their usage policy or terms.

Both of those are articles are about registrars refusing to do business with one specific hate group. They're not about registries.

Yes, but that still represents a very serious problem. The EFF has written extensively on it since this occurred in August. Here's a starting point: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/10/eff-icanns-registrars-....

ICANN has worked very well so far, but if they don't put up a strong response to registrar-based censorship on already-registered domains and make this contractually impossible, the internet is going to be in big trouble. We can't let "you can't have a domain because we don't want you to be able to talk, as a matter of corporate policy" become a thing.

Is the problem worse with .app than with .com? If so, why?

Aren't Google and Godaddy both TLD owners?

GoDaddy is a registrar. Google has both a registrar and a registry, but the linked actions were taken on the registrar side (i.e. not relevant to what the registry can do with its TLDs). The list of TLDs run by the registry can be found here: https://www.registry.google

Yes, technically. But GoDaddy's GTLD (.godaddy) isn't available for public use, so your point is moot.

My point is that google will ban your website off the internet in whatever way possible for them, if they don't agree with what you're saying. They have demonstrated this as I linked. Just because their role is now TLD owner, doesn't mean they will not do what they think is necessary.

They violated terms of use. What's the problem?

No problem. I was just answering parent's question about precedent.

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