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The right hand cannot talk to the left hand in this case, however. It's a complicated space to operate in. Start here if you're a policy wonk: https://archive.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtlds/gac-board-regi...

Whether registrars support EAP, and how they implement it, is entirely up to each registrar. If you have complaints about any specific registrar practices, or about registrars not supporting it full stop, then those should be directed at the registrar in question.

The complaint is against Google, not any particular domain registrar, to be fair. At first glance it seems like you’ve botched this roll out for the (preventable) reasons mentioned above. Wordpress, although I didn’t agree with some choices they made when doing it, did a wonderful job rolling out the dot blog TLD, as a counterpoint.

We literally cannot coordinate anything between the registry and registrar though. I agree with you that we (the registry) could have done a better job on our marketing website in making it clearer which registrars offer support for which phases, but beyond that? Not sure.

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