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That's good advice, but unfortunately I've come to realize this doesn't work. Simply because I don't have the mindset of the opposite sex; I'd care about things that only matter to me (and other guys), not things that a girl would find interesting.

Men and women are more similar than you think and telling yourself that you don't have the mindset of "the opposite sex" already sets yourself up for defeat.

It's however true though that men and women operate in very different social contexts and that can be hard to navigate. A lot of forming a relationship with anyone is becoming mutually comfortable enough to escape such contexts.

You don't necessarily have to find someone that cares about what you find interesting ... you have to be willing to put yourself in a situation in which you experience something you wouldn't find interesting at all. Obviously I'm not saying that you have to dispose of your interests, nor am I saying that it's not possible to eventually find mutual interests (nor am I saying that it's impossible to find a partner that shares your same interests); but that by limiting your potential connections to only things that you find interesting, you by-definition limit your scope.

To give an anecdote ... me and my wife are about literally the most opposite of people. She likes almost nothing that I like, and in many ways, vice-versa (opposites attract, as they say). I've gone to my share of nights out clubbing with her (which I mostly dislike, other than being with her), and she's endured way too many a geeky discussion. Eventually we settled into a groove and found mutually interesting interests :)

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