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Thanks for the correction about the price.

However, 10 years of 1 million domains, even if Google's cut is only $1 out of the registration price, is still $10 million per year * 10 years = $100 million.

If Google's own registry is used and you capture more of the ($17/year ?) domain fee, it goes up by multiples of that.

Correct me if I am wrong, but serving the DNS entries of .app will be almost the same as serving up a DNS entry for another domain like .com: the HSTS/https-only requirements will be set up in the browser, not the DNS server.

And serving DNS has been handled successfully and profitably by Namecheap/GoDaddy/Moniker et al for years.

Alphabet made $31B in revenue last quarter. [1] CydeWeys already addressed their costs, but $100M over 10 years doesn't exactly sound like something they get out of bed for, especially considering they're already out $25M and they really will have expenses to cover for this.

[1] https://abc.xyz/investor/pdf/2018Q1_alphabet_earnings_releas...

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