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I'd go in the opposite direction. I think people are so afraid to be themselves nowadays that it's making interpersonal interactions increasingly fake, which are unlikely to result in anything but the most superficial of relationships. And I think this fear of being yourself is in part driven by the fact that society is splitting itself into groups. Think of the vehement antagonism there is now based on nothing but "I have a different opinion about [insert political topic.]"

People seem to be more and more identifying as members of some group or another, as opposed to individuals. And in turn they adapt their personal views to the views of the group rather than expressing their own 'real' personal views. Of course I could be conflating the direction here and it could be that people are engaging more in 'groupthink' type behavior in a misguided effort to form social bonds, but in either case - I am curious why, in more detail, you think social relationships are suffering for some excess of individualism.

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