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Apple | Cupertino, CA| Data Engineer |Full time | Onsite.

Apple's Fraud & Security (FEAR) team is looking for experienced software engineers to build large scala distributed systems.

We are hiring for Senior, Junior engineer roles.

Senior Engineer requirement.

- 5+ experience working on distributed systems.

- Exposure to big data pipelines in Spark/Kafka/Storm/Hadoop etc.

- Functional programming experience in Scala (cats, algebird) is a plus.

Junior Engineer requirement.

- Strong Data structure and algorithm background.

- Proficiency in a statically type language such as Java, C++, Scala.

- Exposure to distributed systems.


- You must be authorized to work in US. We are not sponsoring new work visa at this time.

- We do not use Javacript or build iOS apps. This is strictly a backend engineering team.

if interested send your resume to mansur.ashraf@apple.com with [HN] in email subject

> We are not sponsoring new work visa at this time.

What about OPT?

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