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I go to Meetups to make friends and influence people. It has basically become more and more of my social life as time goes on.

Meetups are great because usually nobody's counting on you to be there (no pressure for introverts like me), but after you've attended enough there will always be someone there who you already know and can introduce you to others.

I don't go to software meetups, though. I get enough of that stuff from working/side projects/etc. Nothing against them, I just feel that filling my free/social time with more programming content might cause me to burn out even faster than I already am. My suggestion: find a meetup for something completely unrelated to your work, like bicycling, board/video games, camping.

I find that the programming meetups counteract burn out .

Making friends in the industry means they know the stuff you are going through. The other thing is that if you dislike your job it’s a great way to get a new one.

Which meetups?

Philosophy , software engineering (JS , python , react, solditity ) , cryptocurrencies and machine learning .

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