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"Millennials are killing socialness."

I like to refer to Adam ruins everything on Millennials:


TL;DW Generational titles (Boomers, Gen X, Y, whatever) are invented by authors to sell books. They never bring people up and are always used to tear people down. Everything said about Millennials has been said about every generation ever. You can take a Time magazine cover from the 50s about the entitled generation and slap a modern photo on it and it's the same damn thing. It's lazy.

Millennials are the most diverse of any generation. That's about all you can really say, other than we're the most in debt and most likely to take unpaid internships compared to any previous generation. It's a straw man and it needs to die.

I agree with what you have said but there's also no denying that the amount of time at formative ages spent on social media and the internet is unquestionably greater than past generations.

I have trouble believing that hasn't contributed to some idiosyncratic issues that weren't seen in other generations (as well as benefits)

And that might only increase in the future

If "hell is other people," we are that much closer to heaven.

Thanks for the summary, no need to read yet another Millennials are killing ___________ "article"

It merely states that Millennials as a group scored as more lonely than other generations, it doesn't fabricate a reason or cast blame.

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