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Barely related question: does Google plan to deploy the .google gTLD for use in its services, i.e. will mail.google.com become mail.google, and drive.google.com change to drive.google just like they did for blog.google and registry.com?

I think they’d like to possibly but there are concerns. I have had trouble with vanity tlds and I can imagine with google being so ubiquitous, there could be so many issues.

And also security. I know there’s an implicit trust of .com and so I wonder if seeing just google will lead to people thinking it’s safer. I have Metcalfe.rocks and more than once I’ve had people try Metcalfe.rocks.com

The funny thing about their blogs is that many of em are still on the regular domain. I'd imagine there's many hurdles in migrating so many large services, and there's barely any benefits to doing so. In addition, I'm not sure if all their supported legacy browsers can even handle gTLDs.

If I were in their position I'd probably use it for new deployments, with a low priority task for evaluating the possibility of migrating existing systems.

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