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How does that work in say, Firefox?

The HSTS preload list is built into Firefox too (like all major browsers), and automatically rewrites any affected http URLs to https before issuing any requests over the network.

Exactly the same, the preload list data is public and used by all the major browsers.

What is the "single source of truth" for the HSTS preload list? It must be on a server somewhere... who runs the server? Which browsers use this list by default?

See https://hstspreload.org/. And all major browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, and Edge for starters.

Thanks for that. But that site doesn’t seem to mention the loading process across browsers. Generally speaking , do the major browsers ship the HSTS list compiled into the build? Or do they update it at runtime? If so, from where do they fetch the updated list, and how often?

Yes, the major browsers ship the HSTS preload list compiled directly into the build. That's why it can take months for a domain to, once submitted, actually be preloaded across a majority of users -- because the browser nightly/beta/release build cycle alone is 2-3 months, plus the time that it takes the average user to update their browser.

Incidentally, this is one of the major advantages of HSTS preloading at the TLD level, namely, that all .app domains are already preloaded and have been since 2017.

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