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trust me, it's on the backlog to fix.

Is everything on the backlog? Still not supporting long DKIM keys. Still using deprecated and discouraged SMS as 2factor. Are your margins really that thin? It's been years :(

> It's been years :(

Check out this older thread from 2014: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8254757

"We're rolling out Google Authenticator support sometime in the fall." What happened? :(

We introduced an alternative to 2FA SMS - Authy OneTouch. We're working on adding TOTP as well.

Hey Ted, since you're here, may I please suggest that the future implementation of 2FA not require a separate app? Even though Namecheap is using Authy OneTouch, it still requires a dedicate app, which is unnecessary. Thanks.

We partnered with Authy/Twilio on this integration to try something new. Totally get that we need additional options.

Thanks for the reply Ted. Looking forward to something more standardised!

Just wanna give a quick +1 to this request. The lack of proper 2FA is one of my complaints as well.

Authy OneTouch pushes you towards some fairly strong platform and vendor lock-in, which I always try to avoid.

Great, thanks.

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